Jewel Clark
Academic/ Exhibition Work

The work you see here is representative of my narrative work from my academic studies and work reserved for exhibitions. Listed sizes are approximate.

Please click on the image to see an enlargement.

Sterling, yarn, plastic beads
"Ponytail" Ring
Sterling, Grosgrain ribbon
"Wiggler" Ring
Sterling, Grosgrain ribbon, snake vertebrae
"Mending the Split" Pin
79 x 52mm
"Matchmaker" Pin
72 x 49mm
"The Heart Has Many Faces" Pin
63 x 52mm
"Lightbulb Head Series" Pin
Sterling, fine silver, cloisonne enamel
75 x 54mm
"Lightbulb Head Series- Static Cling" Pin
63 x 44mm
"Tension Headache" Pin
Sterling, Lapis Lazuli bead
55 x 45mm
"Ok'eye D'ok'eye" Pin
Sterling, cloisonne enamel
60 x 47mm
"Ta D'eye!" Pin
Sterling, fine silver, cloisonne enamel
76 x 50mm
"Ozymandias Never Played Well With Others" Pin
Sterling, fine silver, cloisonne enamel
69 x 43mm
"The Wild One" Pendant
Sterling,fine silver, cloisonne enamel, handmade woven chain, brass
Collection of Bob Coogan
"To Do Series" Pins
Sterling, copper
46 x 36mm ea.
"A-luring" Neckpiece
Rubber fishing worms, metallic thread, brass fishing hooks, fishing line, glass beads
"Goofy Face" Pin
Sterling, Rhodonite





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