Jewel Clark

I am available to teach privately, at your studio, and for workshops year round.

If you are looking for current metals and jewelry classes in the Phoenix area, you can find a wide variety of techniques and times to choose from through the Mesa Arts Center jewelry website and the Phoenix Center for the Arts. Thank you!


Fall 2012 Class Schedule at the Mesa Arts Center

Please see the Mesa Arts Center website link above for registration information. Registration begins August 3. Those who sign up in the first week of regisration can save 10% on up to 2 classes.

Enameling: Introduction to Advanced

August 29- December 12 (16 weeks)
Wednesdays 6.30-9.30pm
Beginning- Advanced

Enameling is an ancient art form in which powdered colored glass is fused to metal, usually copper, silver or gold. This class is designed to teach the beginning student all the fundamentals they need to create beautiful jewelry, wall pieces or decorative small objects while allowing students who already know how to enamel the opportunity to work on independent projects with instructor access as needed. Techniques covered will include: sifting, stencils, sgraffito, cloisonne, foil, raku, torch firing, painting enamels and crackle effects. Using transparent and opaque enamels together, basic enamel chemistry, cleaning and separating enamels for different uses plus safety issues will also be covered. Topics will also be demonstrated by request throughout the semester.

Registration number:CAF12JE005-01
$291 R/ $346 NR



Woven Chains

October 6-7
9am- 5pm
Beginning- Advanced

Learn to weave wire strands into an elegant mesh style chain. 3 different patterns will be covered as well as finishing including drawing the chain, polishing, and two different methods of attaching end-caps. This technique is also referred to as "Viking Knit" (although we will not work it in the same manner) or "Crocheted Chain."

Registration number:CAF12JW053-01

Champleve Enamels

October 13- 14
9am- 5pm
Intermediate- Advanced

Champleve enamel is a special technique where enamel is applied to recesses in the metal. This class will focus on creating a pendant with metal recesses using  sweat soldering.  The top piece will be pierced to create the design and then soldered to a solid backing sheet. Copper or silver may be used. If using silver you will need to purchase approximately 2 inches square of 22g fine silver for the top and 18g sterling silver for the bottom.  Copper will need to be purchased in the same gauges and size.
Soldering skills and basic enameling skills are required.

Registration number:CAF12JW086-01

Loop in Loop Chains

November 3-4
9am- 5pm
Intermediate- Advanced

The technique of "loop in loop" chains dates to ancient Greece. Learn to fuse fine silver and learn the basic link structure with which to make dozens of different patterned chains. This technique works best with fine silver but students may purchase copper wire which can be soldered together to learn with. Soldering tips will be covered as will fusing. Soldering skills are required.

Registration number:CAF12JW051-01

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

I am also teaching Jewelry I and II at Phoenix Community College. Classes for fall have already started but please check the Maricopa Community College Class Schedule for Spring classes if you are interested.


Summer 2013 Class Schedule

I am scheduled to teach a chains workshop for the Appalachian Center for Craft for Summer 2013! Check back for details as the year progresses!