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Great book most metalsmiths probably don’t know about

Tech Text- A compilation of SNAG technical articles from 1975- 2010

I have to preface this article with a BIG thanks to Teri Jo Kinnison who alerted me to this book.

“Tech Text” comprises a collection of technical articles which originally appeared in SNAG News and previous SNAG publications from 1975- 2010. It’s available through Blurb:

and although the production value isn’t superb (the articles are literally scanned pages of old newsletters) the information and nostalgia factor are off the charts. Table of Contents include:

  • Diffusion Lamination (i.e. mokume-gane) by Hiroko and Gene Pijanowski
  • Shell Structures by Heikki Seppa
  • Spray Etching by Linda Threadgill
  • Interior Dies by Lee Marshall

and many more techniques to read up on from people we know and love. Enjoy!